Master Your Message:

A workshop to help leaders and teams find the right words for high-stakes marketing, sales, and critical communications.

June 6th, 2024
11:00am PST / 2pm EST
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When the stakes are high, you need a clear and compelling message.

The problem is, many organizations wait to craft their critical messaging until the last minute. This causes confusion, low engagement, lost opportunities, and poor culture.

If you have an important message to craft, this workshop will be a much needed space to think, brainstorm, and create winning talking points.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is for anyone who needs to communicate flawlessly when money or reputation is on the line.

Leaders who need to cast their vision or gain support around new strategies.
Teams that must develop winning talking points for a high-stakes keynote, pitch, presentation, or campaign.
Organizations who need to announce good or bad news flawlessly.

Leave the workshop with new skills and a compelling message.


A Guided Brainstorm

Process your ideas and find the right words for your message through guided brainstorming with a messaging expert.

Core Talking Points

Create clear, cohesive talking points on the spot that will engage your audience.

A Repeatable Framework

Gain a new skill you can use to become a more confident and clear communicator.

90 minutes of high-impact work.


The First 20 Minutes

Learn the framework, why it works, and how to use it.

The Next 50 Minutes

A guided brainstorm to clarify your message.

The Last 20 Minutes

Execution tips and Q&A to set you up for success.

Hi, I'm Jonny.

I understand that when the stakes are high, your message needs to be flawless.

As a messaging strategist, I've had the pleasure of helping executives, leaders, and their teams communicate critical messages in a way their audience will respond to positively.

My job is to guide you through this workshop and help you craft a message that you can deliver with confidence.

"The teaching was simple but profound, and the coaching sessions with Jonny in between were phenomenal."

Michelle Jeppeson, Director of Business Development at Jill's Office

"Jonny excels at steering leaders toward new and transformative ways of framing messages, making complex ideas accessible and impactful."

Richard Fagerlin, President of Peak Solutions

"Jonny is the bomb. He makes messaging make sense."

Curt Kempton, CEO of ResponsiBid

"Not only did Jonny deliver on helping us articulate our message, but he also kept us on track. Ultimately creating a product we will be putting into practice for years to come."

Chris Lykins, Director of Marketing & Communications at Chattstate Community College

When the stakes are high, you can't afford to wing it.

The Master Your Message Workshop will give you the space to brainstorm and expert guidance to find the words for your next big moment.