Master Your Message.

I help organizations engage their people and customers with clear communications.

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Communications Strategy
Organizational Change Announcements
Marketing Language, Keynotes & Pitches

Finding the right words for big moments is hard.

Causing even the best leaders and organizations to create confusion:

Critical ideas and initiatives don't gain traction.
Teams don't know why their work matters.
Marketing messaging isn't clear or engaging.  
I believe every organization's success is determined by their ability to have a compelling message internally and externally.

What I Do:

Help brands communicate internally and externally with the right talking points.

Help Brands Prep for Critical Keynotes, Presentations and Pitches

Develop compelling talking points for critical conversations, events, or speaking engagements.

Help Leaders Find the Right Words to Cast Their Vision

Turn your thoughts into a clear message that inspires your people and builds your culture. Learn more here.

Help Teams Clarify Their Marketing and Sales Message

Align your team and engage ideal customers with a clear message in your marketing and sales.

I know how challenging it is to turn a million thoughts into a clear message.

My job is to guide brainstorming, organize your thoughts and get you to the finish line with a message you feel confident delivering.

My Industry Experience: Education, Real Estate, Tech, Nonprofits, Startups, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, and more.

Messaging I've Developed: Marketing Messaging, Internal Communications, Keynote Development, Fundraising Messaging, Sales Language, High-Stakes Conversations.  

Jonny Holsten

— Founder & StoryBrand Certified Guide at South Mountain Messaging

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"Jonny delivered a product we will be putting into practice for years to come."

"We knew we needed somebody to guide us through the StoryBrand Framework. Not only did South Mountain Messaging deliver on helping us articulate our message, but the team kept us on track. In the end, Jonny Delivered a product we will be putting into practice for years to come, because storytelling is timeless."

Christopher Lykins
Director, Marketing & Communications at ChattState Community College.

“Jonny is the bomb. He is thorough. He helped us to clarify a message that I have been working on for a decade. I had even gone to a Story Brand Live Workshop in Nashville and I just wasn't able to get as clear as he did once he interviewed my employees, customers, and leads. I could not be more impressed with his skills, and just him in general.”

Curt Kempton
CEO — ResponsiBid

How it Works:

Whether on-site or virtual, this is how I help brands master their message.

Learn About Your Audience & Goals

We start by focusing on the context of your message, audience, and goals so we can craft talking points that resonate.

Build Your Message

Next, we'll use proven communication frameworks to create talking points that engage your audience and achieves the outcome you need.

Spread Your Message

Then, we help get your message on relevant content so your message is consistent, heard, and understood.

Power your next big moment with the perfect message.

Confusion wastes time, energy, and efforts.

With the right words, your internal and external communications can be simple, well-received, and understood.


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