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Strategy, coaching, and copywriting with the StoryBrand Framework.

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Build a Strong Marketing Foundation

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Empower Your Marketing Team

Disorganized messaging could be holding your marketing back.

Here's how to know for sure:

Websites and campaigns get traffic but don't drive enough good-fit leads.
Your team isn't united on how to talk (or write) about your brand.
Creating good content takes way too much effort.
We believe every brand should have a framework that makes marketing easier and more successful.

What We Do Best

Workshops, coaching, and copywriting to help you master marketing.
Unite Your Team Around the StoryBrand Framework.
We use the power of the StoryBrand framework to empower your team to create successful marketing in record time with less tension.
Create Messaging Guides for Current and Future Team Members.
Lay a strong marketing foundation, onramp new team members, and spread your message consistently.
Write Copy and Coach.
With a clear message, we can write important copy for you and/or coach your team to write copy that follows your StoryBrand Framework.

I'm Jonny, and I love marketing that is clear and compelling.

"I know exactly how frustrating it can be to invest energy and funds on marketing that lacks clarity and doesn't work.

At South Mountain Messaging, we specialize in helping brands apply the StoryBrand Framework and coaching team members to follow the framework successfully.

Jonny Holsten

— Founder & StoryBrand Certified Guide at
South Mountain Messaging

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Success Stories from People Like You:

"Not only did South Mountain Messaging help us organize our messaging and website, but their training equipped my team to carry our message forward confidently."

Melody Edwards
Owner —

“Jonny is the bomb. He is thorough. He helped us to clarify a message that I have been working on for a decade. I had even gone to a Story Brand Live Workshop in Nashville and I just wasn't able to get as clear as he did once he interviewed my employees, customers, and leads. I could not be more impressed with his skills, and just him in general.”

Curt Kempton
CEO — ResponsiBid

"I've worked with several marketers over the last 20 years. None of them put in the effort to really understand our business and the experience of our customers like Jonny. He led us through clarifying our message and hit the nail on the head. No more fumbling around to explain our value, we now have a clear roadmap and messaging that works for our marketing and helps us in-house."

Richard Fagerlin
President — Peak Solutions

Brands We've Helped:

Our 3-Step Plan for You:


We Learn About You & Your Customers.

We start by interviewing you (and sometimes your customers).

We Create Your StoryBrand Framework.

Position your brand as the guide with a brandscript.

Create Content That Converts.

Like website copy, marketing emails, presentation outlines, and other content.
We follow this same approach for all clients, whether you need coaching for your DIY marketing or need a messaging playbook for your organization.

While you were reading this page...

- A potential customer left your site because they were confused
- Your email list got even dustier
- One of your team members is suffering from writer's block

With the StoryBrand framework, we can help you put an end to all of those problems.

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In about 15 minutes, you'll have a plan that you can start executing immediately.

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