Know exactly what to say in your marketing.

Messaging help for anyone who's tried again and again to get it right.

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Establish Your Messaging

Guide Your Audience

Align Your Team

Great companies know they can't neglect their messaging.

But improving your messaging internally isn't easy.
Internal blind spots
Curse of knowledge
Disagreements with your team
These challenges cause even the most successful organizations to feel unsettled about the words they use in their marketing.

After Working With South Mountain, you'll:

Establish a Messaging Framework for all Marketing
Good marketing begins with clear messaging. We do this by matching feedback from you, your team, and customers with the StoryBrand Framework.
Have a Website (and other Marketing Materials) That Works.
Websites, emails, keynotes, lead magnets - good messaging makes all marketing better.
Know What to do Next.
Your marketing team will have a playbook and roadmap to execute after we clarify your message. If you don't have a team, we can become your team.

"Marketing without a framework  or strategy is exhausting.

At South Mountain Messaging, we love helping
business owners and marketing teams market with complete confidence that their message truly connects with their customers."

Jonny Holsten

— Founder & Storybrand Certified Guide
South Mountain Messaging

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Recent Success Stories

"Not only did South Mountain Messaging help us organize our messaging and website, but their training equipped my team to carry our message forward confidently."

Melody Edwards
Owner —

“Jonny is the bomb. He is thorough. He cares deeply about what he does and his integrity guides his process. He helped us to clarify a message that I have been working on for a decade. I had even gone to a Story Brand Live Workshop in Nashville and I just wasn't able to get as clear as he did once he interviewed my employees, customers, and leads. I could not be more impressed with his skills, and just him in general.”

Curt Kempton
CEO — ResponsiBid

"I've worked with several marketers over the last 20 years. None of them put in the effort to really understand our business and the experience of our customers like Jonny. He led us through clarifying our message and hit the nail on the head. No more fumbling around to explain our value, we now have a clear roadmap and messaging that works for our marketing and helps us in-house."

Richard Fagerlin
President — Peak Solutions

Great companies we've worked with:

Our 3-Step Process


Interview, Research, & Understand

Internal interviews, customer research, and a review of existing marketing content helps us come to an understanding of what your organization does.

Confirm & Outline Your Messaging

Next, we organize your messaging elements and create foundational content that guides all of your marketing.

Write Content & Enable Your Team

To finish strong, we'll write new copy for the home page of your website, and train your team on how to make more on-message content.
Most messaging projects are completed in 90 days or less, but we can work with you or your team long-term if necessary.

If you think your marketing is unclear...

Imagine how your customers feel.

Troubleshoot Your Messaging (Right Now)

Take the same assessment we use when onboarding a new client.

In about 15 minutes, you'll have a detailed marketing roadmap from StoryBrand that you can start executing now.

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