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Quick Facts

Based in Phoenix, AZ
Founded in 2021
Led by a Certified Storybrand Marketing Guide

About Us:

At South Mountain Messaging, we know your organization wants to feel confident and excited about your marketing. To do that, you need to master your messaging. The problem is, most companies don't have a framework for organizing their marketing, causing campaigns to fall short, content to lack clarity, and your team doubting the effectiveness of your marketing.

We believe your marketing should feel simple and be successful. We also understand how hard it can be to find the right words for your marketing. This is why we use the StoryBrand Framework to help organizations figure out exactly what to say in their marketing so they can communicate the true value of they offer and how they make life better for their customers.

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StoryBrand Framework Strategy.
Clarify your marketing message to engage your audience, empower your team, and help you communicate your value on any marketing channel.
Marketing Coaching and Team Workshops.
We love helping our clients find quick wins, get unstuck, create strategies, or solve a pressing problem.
Copywriting, Content Creation and Messaging Playbooks.
Where your team needs support, we can create content that spreads your message and guides your audience.
Every project is different, but most of our projects include a mixture of these services.

How We Help Organizations Improve Their marketing.

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Our Founder:

Jonny Holsten, Founder & Storybrand Certified Guide at South Mountain Messaging
After starting my marketing career in 2019 helping professional athletes with their brand deals, I quickly realized marketing efforts are often wasted (or fall short at best) because of poor messaging.This led me to the StoryBrand Framework.

When I applied the framework to a project for the first time, I realized a side of marketing that is refreshingly ethical and helps organizations of all sizes, in all industries, come to profound clarity about what they do, how it helps their audience, and how to talk about it.

In my personal life - I met my wife Lindy on the first day of my freshman year of college, and we now live in Phoenix, AZ with our 1-year-old daughter and two boxers. I'm a huge Denver Broncos fan and ran NCAA cross country and track in college.

Recent Success Stories

"We knew we needed somebody to guide us through the StoryBrand Framework. Not only did South Mountain Messaging deliver on helping us articulate our message, but the team kept us on track. In the end, Jonny Delivered a product we will be putting into practice for years to come, because storytelling is timeless."

Christopher Lykins
Director, Marketing & Communications at ChattState Community College.

“Jonny is the bomb. He is thorough. He helped us to clarify a message that I have been working on for a decade. I had even gone to a Story Brand Live Workshop in Nashville and I just wasn't able to get as clear as he did once he interviewed my employees, customers, and leads. I could not be more impressed with his skills, and just him in general.”

Curt Kempton
CEO — ResponsiBid