AI Marketing Mistakes: Avoid the #1 Pitfall We're Seeing With AI Content

Learn about a significant mistake we're seeing businesses make with AI.

I have seen some terrible marketing ever since the release of ChatGPT. Stuff that is so cheesy, tacky, and cliché that it makes me cringe on behalf of the person writing it. Here's why (and how you can keep using AI without making the same mistakes):

Too many people believe you can achieve all three things on the triangle with AI when you can only pick two.

If you're the type of person to bootstrap, DIY, and penny-pinch on marketing, then ChatGPT will be your best friend. You'll complete your marketing tasks in record time and create more content in an hour than you usually do in a month. But your content will be bad because you are aiming for all three things on the triangle when you can only have two. And if you're not a marketer, you won't even know it's bad.

Here's why you can only pick two:

1. AI can save you time and money, but the content it spits out will suck.

2. AI can create great content, but it will require a lot of time to learn how to prompt it correctly, and you'll need to be a knowledgeable copywriter to fine-tune it. You'll have to sacrifice a lot of time to get to this point.

3. The best marketers can use AI to quickly deliver good content, but they're going to charge a lot of money (and they should) because they've spent months (if not years) learning how to use AI, so you don't have to.

Businesses that think all three are possible will continue to create content that falls flat at best. At worst, your audience will suspect you think they're unintelligent enough to be fooled by AI. Good luck winning them back after that.

At South Mountain Messaging, we've held off on using AI too heavily for clients because we don't want either to happen. At the same time, we've loved using AI to help us move faster, defeat writer's block, fine-tune copy and enhance the human touch. We've also created new ways to help clients thanks to AI. We're working on AI-prompting portions of our workshops and are offering marketing power hours to help customers fine-tune the content they had AI create.AI has been a massive disruptor. Kudos to you for leaning into it. But to make AI work for you, you'll have to figure out which two you want to pick on the triangle.

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