A Simple Marketing Strategy to "Recession-Proof" Your Business

Here's a simple marketing plan to help you "recession-proof" your business.

Lately I’ve been sensing some extra fear and stress from clients and business-owner friends.

It feels like the noise surrounding the economy is slowing down the sales process in nearly every industry. I know there are a lot of opinions on the economy - I stay out of that game. But even if we don’t hit a recession buyers seem to be holding on to their cash just in case. If you’ve felt that tension in your business, hopefully this helps! 

I know how helpless it can feel when business isn’t booming. I’ve been there myself, and like you, I’ve been thinking constantly about how to make sure my business is built to succeed no matter what the economy does.If you feel stuck with your marketing or just plain tired of grinding it out lately, I wanted to share a simple plan to get some quick wins for you and help you “recession-proof” your business with strategic marketing. 

So, here’s how we would “recession proof” your business if I were your marketer.

1. Drive Extra Revenue With a Flash Campaign.

First, we would do a limited-time 30-day campaign to push sales for a special offer or new offer. The goal of this campaign is to generate as much revenue or sales activity as possible with an exciting new campaign that solves a major problem for your customers. If sales are down, this campaign revenue can help you catch up to your revenue goals, or it can help you pad your rainy day fund. Regardless of the state of you business, additional cash in the bank always helps ease stress in economic uncertainty.

2. Increase Lead Flow.

Next, we would revisit the copy and messaging message on your highest-traffic web pages, email campaigns, and other marketing materials that get the most eyeballs. We would make sure your audience knows exactly what you do, how it makes life better, and how to buy. When the market tenses up, fewer leads will buy. That’s okay, this step will get you more leads to stay on top of your game. Think of your messaging like fishin hooks in the water. The more hooks your have, the more fish you’ll catch. Your copywriting and messaging is exactly the same. Every sentence has the potential to hook another customer! 

3. Close More Sales By Fine Tuning Your Sales Comms & Proposals.

Lastly, we would take a close look at what you’re saying in your proposals and sales communications. The words you use here should be intentional and specific. Refining this area of your business can be one of the best levers to pull to increase sales. The best way to do this is to make sure you/your sales team understands your marketing message so it can infiltrate their sales communications. 

No matter what happens with the economy, following these steps will help you whip your marketing back into shape. 

Now is the time to be extra strategic so your marketing leads to sales, It’s time to be a marketing savage, not let off the gas. 

Stay encouraged, and keep going! I’m in your corner.