Strategy VS Execution - Why You Can't Expect One Person to Do Both.

Get more from your marketing team with a healthy balance of strategic thinkers and executors.

The big takeaway: Marketing strategy & execution are two *entirely* different things. You can’t expect your team members to focus on both simultaneously.

Why it matters: The human brain struggles to focus on two things at once successfully. And if I’ve learned anything after working with marketing agencies, in-house teams, and entrepreneurs over the years, it's that most people are not wired for both.

How to Fix This Problem: Find a balance between strategists and executors on your team by doing these three things.

  1. Let your executors focus on writing, designing, creating, connecting automation, and finishing tasks on time by bringing on a strategist.
  2. Free your strategist to focus on messaging, spreading your message, and conversion rate optimization, and include them in high-level business conversations. There is heavy thought work required for this stuff. And if your strategist is thinking about all the content they need to create while creating each strategy, it’s a recipe for disaster.
  3. If you have a one-person team, considering adding another person to compliment their weaknesses. If your current team member is more of an executor, a strategist can help their work go much further and for greater ROI.

Here's a graph to highlight the difference between marketing strategy and execution:

If you suspect your team has an imbalance between strategy and execution, you can start addressing the issue by showing the chart above to your team. Ask them to self identify where their strengths are.

From there, you can decide if your team needs realigned or if you need to add to the team with an outside consultant or new hire.

And if I can help you work through this, you can schedule a time to chat here.

Marketing is limited without clear messaging and strategy. We help marketing teams and executive teams apply the StoryBrand Framework so their marketing is more simple and successful.